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Garrett 1140900 Pro-Pointer AT Waterproof Pinpointing Metal Detector, Orange

Garrett pro pointer metal detector

Garrett Pro-Pointer Pinointer Vibrating Alarm—No need to remove your headphones!  Propointer With Belt Holster, battery,two year warranty Free Shipping The Professional’s PinpointerTen Reasons you need the NEW Garrett PRO-POINTER: 1. FIND TARGETS FASTER!Static detection speeds target recovery. 2. YOU’RE GETTING CLOSER…Audible AND vibrating alarms increase inintensity based on target’s proximity! 3. AUTOMATICALLY ADJUSTS…Microprocessor circuitry insures […]

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metal detector terms

Metal detector terms   Alkaline Non rechargeable battery recommended for most detectors by the manufacturers          All Metal A setting available on some detectors allowing them to detect any kind of metal (ferrous or non-ferrous) Artefacts Man-made objects found whilst detecting. We normally refer to buckles, buttons, musket balls and other finds,

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Garrett Goldmaster 24K


TAKE YOUR PROSPECTING TO NEW DEPTHS. The Garrett Goldmaster® 24k (originally produced by White’s Electronics) is a high-frequency induction-balance gold nugget detector. The GM24k features a 54% increase in coil voltage over the prior White’s GMT model, resulting in increased sensitivity to small nuggets. Experienced prospectors know more sensitivity is not the only answer to


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Fisher Gemini 3 metal detector

Introducing the Gemini III by Fisher Metal Detectors, the oldest name in the business since 1931. Discover big treasure with this two-box deep search metal detector, designed to locate large, deep objects. With its advanced features and reputation for excellence, the Gemini III is a favorite among professional treasure hunters, prospectors, geologists, and public utility employees. Experience unmatched depth penetration and precise pinpointing with its crystal-controlled 82-Khz transmitter and receiver. Plus, enjoy the convenience of optional accessories and a lifetime warranty.

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Fisher CZ-3D quicksilver metal detector

Introducing the CZ-3D QuickSilver by Fisher Metal Detectors, the oldest name in business since 1931. Maximized for finding older era coins at older sites, this metal detector delivers exceptional performance on old coins and relics. With enhanced mode and visual target ID, it’s designed to find more good metals like brass, bronze, copper, and silver. No special programming required – just flip the switch and see what you’ve been missing! Explore the features and specifications of the CZ-3D today.

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