Tesoro Metal Detectors

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Tesoro Lobo Metal Detector

The Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ is the ultimate gold prospecting metal detector. With advanced technology and discrimination circuitry, it offers fast and accurate ground tracking in all soil conditions. Find more gold with ease using this top-of-the-line detector.

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Tesoro silver micromax metal detector

Introducing the StillSilver Max Silver Sabre series by Tesoro Electronics. With a rich history since 1983, this detector offers strong, simple, and silent operation. Explore its features and specifications here.

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Tesoro Cortes metal detector

Introducing the Tesoro Cortes Metal Detector, a powerful combination of analog and microprocessor technology for superior performance. With user-friendly controls and advanced target identification features, it’s the ultimate tool for treasure hunters. Discover its innovative design and precise depth indicators.

trees under gray sky during golden hour

Tesoro Outlaw metal detector

Discover the versatility of the Tesoro Outlaw Metal Detector. With its 3 coil bundle package, all tools are at the ready for any treasure hunting experience. Built on tough technology and featuring precision pinpointing, this detector is a game-changer. Explore its features and specifications.