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Treasure found in Romania

Treasure found in Romania 

In the heart of Romania, a country rich in history and culture, an enthusiastic treasure hunter named Narcis Carțiș has once again struck gold. With a passion for history and a keen eye for archaeological remains, Carțiș has recently made his third remarkable discovery. This time, his findings have led to the unearthing of a hidden treasure in the forest of Sângeru de Pădure. Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of historical artifacts and uncover the secrets of this Roman treasure.

white and brown concrete structure

The Passionate Treasure Hunter

At the age of 43, Narcis Carțiș has dedicated his free time to exploring the depths of Romania’s rich history. With an ardent love for the past, he acquired his detectorist’s license a year and a half ago, embarking on a journey that has already resulted in three remarkable archaeological discoveries. His first find included four tetradrachms, large silver coins from Ancient Greece. The second discovery led him to a pot brimming with ancient coins in the Ernei area of Mureș county. Now, he adds the hoard from the forest of Sângeru de Pădure to his impressive collection.

Unveiling the Roman Treasure

On Thursday, June 16 2023,  Nicoleta Man, the head of the Archaeology Department at the Mureș County Museum, arrived at the discovery site with a team of specialists. Their mission was to unravel the historical significance of the treasure. According to Man, the findings confirmed that this treasure was of Roman origin. During ancient times, it was common practice to conceal accumulated wealth over generations. The exact time period over which this hoard was collected will be determined through further investigation. The pot, a Roman artifact from the workshops of Cristești, contained traces of bronze verdigris, suggesting the possibility of additional bronze coins or objects.

A Treasure Trove of Discoveries

Mureș County, a region in Romania, has proven to be a fertile ground for archaeological discoveries. Nicoleta Man highlighted the numerous findings that have surfaced in the past two years alone. Apart from the recent Roman treasure, hoards consisting of coins and jewelry have been unearthed in various locations, including Dâmbău, Sighișoara, Dumbrăvioara, Cristești, and Sălașuri, where an exceptionally large treasure was found.

A Historical Haven

The abundance of treasures found in Mureș County can be attributed to its rich historical heritage. Nicoleta Man pointed out that the area is believed to have housed a Dacian Fortress and a Roman settlement, providing a plausible explanation for the high concentration of artifacts left behind. The discoveries not only offer a glimpse into the lives of those who lived here centuries ago but also affirm the region’s significance in the ancient world.

Preserving the Past

The uncovering of these valuable treasures has ignited a sense of pride and excitement among the local community. The Mureș County Museum, along with the Archaeology Department, is committed to preserving and showcasing these remarkable finds. Through meticulous research, restoration, and display, they aim to educate visitors about the region’s rich historical tapestry.

Inspiring Future Discoveries

Narcis Carțiș’ passion for history and dedication to uncovering the past has not only led to remarkable discoveries but also serves as an inspiration for others. His success encourages more individuals to explore the hidden treasures that lie beneath the surface, waiting to be discovered. The potential for further archaeological finds in Romania is vast, promising more tales of ancient civilizations and treasures yet to be unearthed.

A Glimpse into Romania’s Rich History

Romania, with its diverse and captivating history, continues to captivate and surprise us with its hidden treasures. The recent discovery made by Narcis Carțiș and the team of specialists sheds light on the Roman presence in the region and adds another chapter to the country’s historical narrative. As we eagerly await further insights into this newfound treasure, we are reminded of the importance of preserving and celebrating our heritage. Through these remarkable discoveries, we can connect with the past and appreciate the stories that lie beneath our feet.